Why is WebMD developing WebMD Messenger?

In surveys of our professional members, one of the biggest unmet needs is in communication patient information across networks or EHR systems.  WebMD Messenger allows our professional members to securely transmit patient information or have a secure private conversation about a patient.

Who can use WebMD Messenger?

Right now the system is optimized for US doctors but any health professional who can be verified to an NPI number will soon be able to use it. 

Why am I getting a WebMD Messenger invitation email from a colleague?

This means that your colleague is using our secure messaging system and would like to send you secure data using it./  Signing up takes  a few minutes because we viciously screen to ensure all members are medical professionals and are who they say they are.

How does WebMD have my or my colleagues’ email address?

In some instances another WebMD Messenger user typed in your email address. IN others, WebMD has permission to email you via your Medscape membership. 

I already have either a Medscape or WebMD account, why do I have to create a new WebMD Messenger account?

A WebMD account should work fine.   A Medscape account can be used to more quickly set up a WebMD account but doesn’t work directly because it wasn’t built with an appropriate level of security to satisfy the demands of HIPAA.

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