How to Create a WebMD Connect Patient Account


How to Create a WebMD Connect Patient Account



  • You will be prompted to ‘Create WebMD Account:’ fill out the required information and then click “Create Account”


  • You will receive a notification page and message: “verification email was sent to Please verify your email address before accessing WebMD Connect Features.
    1. You DO NOT need to do anything here.
    2. Check your email that you’ve used to sign up account with.


  • Once your verification email is received, click “Verify Now” from the body of the email.



  • You will be directed to a page and message: “Your email address has been verified
    1. Click on “Continue”




  • Hover over the ‘Sign In’ button and select ‘Sign in as a Patient.’


  • Type in the email and password you just used to create your account. And then click “Sign In”


  • Congratulations! You have completed registration and have a WebMD Connect account!


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